Champagne Chop Cup


Champagne Chop Cup




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With Permission from Chance Wolf of Wolf's Magic, AirShip Magic Presents

The Silver Champagne Chop Cup

This was number 2 of the Wolf Magic Micro Series of Magic, called "Champagne Chop". Chance's wonderful routine made this a hit for any venue you might be performing in. The final production load is a great kicker to fool everyone.

You are supplied with with a Heavy Brass spun Champagne Bucket that has been heavily plated with 70 Microns of pure silver and buffed to a mirror finish, the corks, final load Champagne Bottle, 2 matching Mini Champagne Glasses, velvet storage bag for the Silver Bucket, velvet bag for the corks and Champagne bucket in and routine.

A note on the Silver plating. The buckets are plated by the same company that Mad Jake Sr. used to plate all of RNT2 Magic's cups in the early days. This means you never have to worry about the finish wearing off. There is enough Silver plate for these to last decades, even under heavy use.  Like Mad Jake Sr's finishes, we command only the best for our customers and a product that has been created Wolf's Magic.  

Thank you Chance!

There are only 1 unit was produced. A special ensemble is being made for Chance Wolf.

Now Shipping.

Yours Truly,


AirShip Magic



Champagne Chop Cup

Champagne Chop Cup

Champagne Chop Cup