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Classic Brass Coin Divination Casket

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Classic Brass Coin Divination Casket.

A performer produces a brass coin box, wafer thin and a 1/2 dollar Kennedy coin. The performer requests that a random spectator
open the box, and place the Kennedy half dollar into the box either heads up or tails up while the performer's back is turned. After the
spectator has placed the coin in the casket and replaced the lid, the performer is asked to turn back around.

The performer is then given back the box and before the spectator can fully return the box to the spectator, it is instantly revealed which
side of the coin is facing, upon removing the lid, the performers prediction is correct. This can be repeated as many times as you like.

There are no stooges, threads, magnets, external indications or peeking or switching.

Includes is 1 Precision Turned Brass Coin Casket, Regular Kennedy Half dollar, velvet bag for storage and routine instructions.

These are in limited production due to time to machine them.

Please Note, we do all our own manufacturing here in our shops and everything is made in the USA.

To see all the possible uses of the Coin Casket, check this link here at the Magic Cafe

Here are some of the reactions from customers:

“I have waited almost 40 years for this to come back!”  No Joke, for years I tried to find someone who could make this, but one after the other they couldn’t do it. The tolerances are so tight and unforgiving. But the problem has been solved and finally we can offer exclusively what I think should be inside every magicians coin tool box.” 

 Joe Stevens

That coin casket, it's the first thing in a loonnngggg time I've been impressed with.

Tom G.

This is the simplest of props with a huge reward. The price is very fair, possibilities are up to your imagination. It just goes to show you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have the trick of the year. 

Thanks again Jake Jr.

My casket arrived. Such a beautifully made piece of magical apparatus. Ingenious, too! Not only does it belong in best effects of 2018, it also belongs in best value of 2018. 

Thank you, Jake Jr! 

Jake, you have a winner, I love it. Quality brass work and precision craftsmanship and very deceptive to boot. The more I play with it, the more ideas keep popping up. This is what I have worked up so far:



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Classic Brass Coin Divination Casket

Classic Brass Coin Divination Casket


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