Eash 4 Piece Cocobolo with Ebony Tips

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Each wand is hand crafted

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The Magician’s Wand is the Classic symbol of his/her craft. To the lay person – it is the source of his abilities. To the Magician it is indispensable, the ultimate in misdirection and subterfuge. Make yours an elegant extension of your personae something that you’ll be proud to own and to use in your act. That is our goal with Doug Eash’s new line of Exotic Wood Wands.

These conversion wands allow you to go from 14″ to 8″ with just a few twists!

The first in the Workman’s Series of Wands is the 3-Piece Wand offered here. This unique wand design features a full size two piece screw together handcrafted exotic wood wand 14″ in length that has the added feature of having one of the tips equipped with a screw fitting allowing the wand to be used full length and, by removing one piece of the shaft and repositioning the special tip, you also have a 8 ½” “Shorty” Wand that is perfect for your Close-up work!

In either configuration the wand is perfectly balanced for the Vernon Wand Spin Vanish, Through the Fist Vanish or Williamson’s Strike Vanish. If you perform the Cups and Balls (is there any magician who doesn’t?) or any other effect where a bit of misdirection is needed this is the defining piece of elegance that you’ve been looking for!

The 3-Piece Magician’s Wands come in a wide variety of shaft materials including:

Ebony, Purple Heart, Curly Maple, Cocobolo, Red Palm, Bocote, Snakewood, Zebrawood, Birdseye Maple, and Padauk. Tips can be of any of the above materials plus Faux Ivory, Aluminum, Brass or Stainless Steel. Accent Rings can be added to match or contrast with the Shaft/Tip and also include Card Pips or Stars.

Watch for the introduction of the “Collector” Series soon that will include Sterling Silver Tips and or Accent Rings.

Design Copyright 2020 Douglas Eash and Mad Jake Jr.


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Eash 4 Piece Cocobolo with Ebony Tips

Eash 4 Piece Cocobolo with Ebony Tips

Each wand is hand crafted

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