2020 Halloween Hydro Evil Pumpkin

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A new twist this year!

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It's that time of year, I just finished up 13 of my Halloween version of the Hydro Die, please meet Hydro "EVIL PUMPKIN".

I make 13 each year in the Halloween spirit. This works the
same way as the original. I still have the very first one I made 6 years ago on my office desk. That cute little eye is always staring at me.

Each unit is numbered 1 through 13 and dated on the bottom of the base.

You will fool and amuse people anytime of the year. The units are strictly produced to only 13.

The base and cap this year are 85% teakwood mixed with PLA. And has the feeling of real wood.

Please include the number you would like 1-13 in the message section of the checkout.

Numbers that have been taken will be listed as they sell.

**Note: The Hydro "EYE" works the same as the Hydro Die, here is the description,

The performer displays a clear tube, a die, a base and lid. The performer drops the die in the clear tube for all to see and places it onThe base, they then pour water into the tube, entombing the die in water with no where for it to go. A polished tube is then placed overTop of the clear tube and a lid placed on it. The performer in full view of the spectator, removes the tubes and cover from the base, they Then remove the lid, then the outer metal tube, the die has VANISHED completely. Only to appear in another location still damp from being In the water. All assembled the Hydro Dies are just under 5" in height. The base is solid and 2 1/8" in diameter. We gladly ship internationally. Manufactured by MJJ Magic Mfg. Each set comes With everything you need to perform this age old effect and will baffle your spectators the same way it did me 35 years ago.


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2020 Halloween Hydro Evil Pumpkin

2020 Halloween Hydro Evil Pumpkin

A new twist this year!

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